Ran in today’s Tennessean:

Senator’s claim reckless

Senator Paul Bailey (R-Sparta) claims that protesters were paid to be at the governor’s State of the State address based on a source that he will not disclose because of security concerns.

It would seem to me that the senator was caught in a lie and has made up an imaginary friend to scapegoat. Are you not a bit too old for that, senator?

Senator Bailey lacks the conviction and moral character to admit that he spread a baseless rumor that he so desperately wants to be true. In his mind, there cannot possibly be so many Tennesseans who disagree with his worldview on immigration and health care. It baffles me that he went into public service with this juvenile notion.

We deserve elected officials that who [tell] the truth and more importantly hold their colleagues accountable to do the same.

Stephen Yeargin, Nashville 37206