Ran in The Tennessean:

In the same evening that an area school district voted to delay the start of the fall semester because of a massive budget shortfall ("Sumner Co. budget woes stop schools from opening," Aug. 3), its own representative in the state legislature was defeated in a primary contest because "she had no intent of taking Second Amendment issues to the floor in an election year" ("Gun rights group sends a loud signal," Aug. 3).

While I, as any reasonable American, would never want to infringe on any of the freedoms granted by the Bill of Rights, I cannot help but believe that we are devoting far too much time and energy to solving the wrong problems. It is as if we should tell our sons and daughters that we are somewhat sorry for their lack of basic education but, hey: At least, their right to own a gun was never in any danger.

Stephen Yeargin
Nashville 37206