Ran in Monday's Tennessean:

Nashville shouldn't tolerate tacky decorations on Musica

Nashville is blessed with many public art displays generously funded by private donors that help define our city as one of the centers of culture in the South.

But lately, at one particular venue, a trend has emerged that is as frustrating as it is classless. Political groups, performing artists, professional sports teams and the like have taken to using the Musica sculpture as a billboard for their causes.

While I admit to being amused at seeing hockey jerseys appear during the Predators' playoff run last year, more recent infractions appeal to a much narrower audience. A spray-painted bedsheet or a chain of plastic cups draped on these statues? We should expect better.

Neither the mayor's office nor the Public Works Department have responded fast enough to remove these eyesores. But more important than that, the city is not doing enough to discourage people from engaging in what amounts to vandalism of public property.

It is time for the city to enforce standing ordinances regarding sign placement, work quickly to remove the offending paraphernalia, and hold individuals and groups accountable for littering in Nashville.

Stephen Yeargin
Nashville 37206