Printed in The Tennessean this morning:

4-year degrees confer assets that shouldn't be discounted

As Tennessee ranks 42nd in bachelor's degrees per capita, it is not surprising to see an article questioning the value of the college diploma ("4-year degree losing luster," Aug. 28). But as this article is likely to be placed on the refrigerator of many a high school student trying to convince somebody that college is not for them, I hope they will pause and consider the repercussions.

College is not for everyone, but it is disappointing to hear that some Nashville employers are discounting it entirely. Centresource's Nicholas Holland saying that relevant work experience is more valuable than a bachelor's degree is understandable, but I believe he is looking solely at the short term and not contemplating the additional assets and maturity a college graduate brings.

Until our state and local leaders stop the infighting and work to bring back jobs to Middle Tennessee, young minds should strongly consider how much harder they will have to work over time to overcome the lack of a degree than if they had pursued it.

It will be harder, but it is a hardly a "worthless" endeavor.