Ran in The Tennessean:

Nashville needs to keep the Predators

We need a principal tenant for the Sommet Center, and keeping the Predators is a far better option than finding a replacement. Paying for a dark arena is like owning a sports car but never putting tires on it or gas in it. Depending on whom you ask, losing the hockey team would be the equivalent of taking that same sports car and pushing it off a cliff. Either way, those bonds will come due.

If the Nashville Predators move on to Kansas City (or less likely, Hamilton, Ontario), it will damage our city's chances of luring another indoor sports team. It would also support the notion that concert and event promoters should steer clear of the Music City, a trend already in motion with the cancellation of River Stages, Dancin' in the District and the closure of Starwood Amphitheatre in nearby Antioch. This is a trend we can ill afford.

There is much work to be done in our city for education and public safety, but on this occasion, time is of the essence. An agreement can be reached. I ask as a concerned citizen that Mayor Karl Dean and the Metro Council consider fully the implications of letting this opportunity pass our city by, and act accordingly.