Ran in the Nashville City Paper.

To the editor:

The nation has struck a remarkably bipartisan tone over the past few days, talking of ways to advance our great country's goals both at home and abroad.

However, much like the recent U.S. Senate race tells us, Tennessee is again behind the curve.

In a statement to the media, Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Bob Davis outlined his vision for the next election cycle, saying, "There is some unfinished business in the state legislature and I'm going to do everything in my power to change 142 years of Democrat[ic] control on Capitol Hill."

Instead of joining in the spirit of teamwork his colleagues around the nation have adopted, Davis appears to have a personal chip on his shoulder. Rather than focusing on which political party has the majority in the state house, why not talk about the issues that affect Tennesseans â€" job creation, health care and educating our children?

Tried and true mudslinging may have prevailed this time around in Tennessee. With Davis at the helm, you can bet on more of the same from the Tennessee Republican Party.