Ran in the Tennessean and the Nashville City Paper

To the Editor:

The horns can be heard echoing down James Robertson Ave., all the way to the river.

Yep. Welcome back, income tax debate.

Perhaps this time people will learn the art of peaceful protest, and not throw bricks through windows. With all of the anti-terror enhancements to the Capitol buildings, it certainly would be in there best interest.

It amazes me that this debate has again surfaced and that the likes of Steve Gill and other Nashville-area residents have gone overboard.

Not going to happen any time soon. Everybody in that building knows it is political suicide to endorse the idea. Even Gov. Bredesen has said that Tennessee has "balanced the budget just fine the last couple of years, and we'll balance it fine this year with the resources we have."

As long as our state budget has level-headed stewards, the need for an income tax is minimal. Just remember why we don't need it now when it comes time to select our next leadership.

And please, stop honking. You'll scare the pigeons.