It rarely snows in Middle Tennessee, particularly on Christmas. Any given year, the National Weather Service only gives us about an 18 percent chance. With the temperature outside hovering in the mid-50s, that chance is even slimmer than that.

The traditions of Christmas have always been fluid for me, changing in every phase of life. The long ride to see a relative for the one and only time we would that year. Seeing the many lights from the backseat of station wagon in a jacket that was way too big. Sitting up late to write a few words down. Going with my wife to see a movie and eat at a Chinese restaurant. The only one that has stayed constant is looking out the window just to make sure it had not snowed.

There are so many people on my mind -- those far away and near. Some have experienced great loss this year; others mounting frustration and heartache. The holiday season gives an opportunity to pause and reflect, and perhaps say that small prayer for those we know who need it. In the stillness of a winter night, one can clear their mind of what troubles they have in their lives and think in a broader sense -- we, as humanity, will have another day to make things just a little better. A kind word, a smile, an offer to help. For everything that circumstance may throw at us, it is in the spirit of the holidays that I have the hope of hopes we will all have what it takes to overcome and find peace this Christmas.

From our home to yours, Merry Christmas.