"Don't get too comfortable."

It was a phrase that I heard often growing up. The owner of the voice usually had some other destination or task in mind, and could tell whatever chair I had fallen into was where I wanted to stay. I usually would just give a heavy sigh and stand back up, rather willing to get on with it than count the minutes. I wasn't in control of anything, and it was better to avoid putting up a fight. No matter how badly I wanted to just relax, the next thing was coming -- like it or not.

Nowadays, I hear that phrase in a different context. There is almost always a reason to stay on your toes -- in your job, fun, personal life. Comfort is somehow equated with complacency. The rat race never slows down in spite of our very real desire to just. chill. I suppose we all have to deal with a bit of turmoil from time to time. The "don't get too comfortable" phrase is more a word of waning than of anticipation.

I would love to find more constants -- those things that do not change with the seasons or whims of others. So far, that has been limited to Nashville as our home and ten or so years of my wife putting up with me. And those things are as much points of personal pride as they are things that I take comfort in.

This year is already bringing about changes. Finding the correct sequence of choices (and their consequences) keeps me up late on most nights. But I like the odds. It is, and will likely remain, the case that there is work to be done and big decisions to be made.

So don't get too comfortable.