I stood on the corner bathed in the dull glow of the street lamps above for a moment before I started to pace. My feet were not going to let me stand still while my mind was otherwise occupied. As late in the evening as it was, only a handful of cars and the occasional taxi whizzed by. Had I ever committed to smoking in college, this would probably be the point where I paced about and taking a draw until my nerves calmed back down.

But there was nothing in particular to be anxious about. It's just how I get as the temperature rises.

A car called out from around the corner. "Hey mister!" I ignored them at first. "Sir!" I collected myself and rounded the corner to see the two college kids, with the spokesman leaning out. I stood there patiently.

"We're doing a survey and wanted to know if you are an ass or tits guy." I raised an eyebrow and shot back "Why choose?" There was a brief exchange until the light turned green. I'm sure I can read their findings in the next issue of The Journal of American Bro Stuff, presented by Brawndo.

I exhaled. My car wasn't with me and the taxis weren't very frequent. I didn't really know how I wanted to fill what was left of the evening, but I was fairly certain this was not it.

Samantha called so we went on home. The anxiousness subsided as I found more constructive ways to figure things out. I have given up quite a bit of my (rumored) calm and patient demeanor lately in exchange for trying to tackle things head on. I feel like I lose more than I win in most cases.

This adulthood thing takes practice.