Today's plans included a visit to the recently-opened Music City Center for a sports festival. I wasn't nearly as excited about the event as I was to see the gigantic convention center from the inside after having watched its construction every weekday for the last two years.

I was already in a retrospective mood this week, but then I ran into a staff member from the summer camp days. He was there overseeing the inline hockey games, and it took him a moment to recognize me. He immediately said "I gotta take ya to meet Sarah. She'll be happy to see you."

My heart warmed. Sarah, the office manager for the organization for a few decades, also didn't recognize me at first. "Oh my word, you're a lot bigger than the last time I saw you." She was right. In 2002 I was a bit shorter a whole lot scrawnier. We talked for a bit before a wave of folks came up to their booth.

The rest of the day, I drifted between the present-time struggles and what I thought I would be doing by now and what was keeping me from it. The sky opened up later that afternoon while we were at a neighborhood market held at the nearby decommissioned air park. We couldn't leave the airplane hanger because of the heavy rainfall, so we milled about some more at the booths. Eventually the weather behaved just long enough for us to go run other errands.

Sometimes all it takes is a chance meeting or a break in the weather to get back on your way.