About a year ago, my wife published a list called "30 Before 30," mostly as a means to document those goals and aspirations that all too often can be overlooked as we try our best to keep pace with life. She did not meet all of them, but it was an impressive effort nevertheless.

My goals these days are measure far more short-term. I try to keep tabs on changing priorities and moving deadlines, all the while hoping to maintain friendships. She had asked several times if I would put together a similar list, to which I either declined or gave a half-hearted "maybe." I honestly feared stating those goals because I knew many may not happen.

As I turned 29, I finally hammered out an abbreviated list and emailed it to her. I figured that not having one was just as bad as not accomplishing a single thing on it.

A few items:

  • walk through Times Square
  • ride a roller coaster
  • ice skate
  • shoot at a gun range
  • group road-trip

It is not that these are new experiences (I have done all of them at one point or another) as much as it is an aspiration for 2012-2013. I do not typically like to celebrate birthdays, so 30 really feels like a non-event. I very deliberately hide any clues on the Internet about when my birthday even occurs.

I remain hopeful that each year gets a little better than the last. So far, so good.