"Where the hell did you come from?" is often the greeting I get in a group setting. I am always a bit perplexed by this question, but after the twentieth time I am asked it, I realize it must be a character trait. I am hard to hide -- 6'2" and kind of wide does not exactly "sneak up" on anyone. But I am mostly invisible in social situations. My comings and goings go undetected mostly by my own "avoid being the center of attention" demeanor. You could attribute this to my introverted tendencies to be as much a part of the conversation as not involved in it. Scenery. I take up space, but just as another spectator in a crowd.

It is not like I try to be invisible. I am just not fond of the spotlight. It takes a fair amount of effort (perhaps of the liquid variety) to get me to a point where I am at ease enough to engage with the conversation. Until then, I relish in my supporting cast role. All I care about is being a good friend, a good listener, and a reliable voice of reason. It is part of who I am -- keeping the peace, maintaining the sense of calm no matter the turmoil.

So, I often walk up to a group of friends without looking for acknowledgement from everybody. I really do get a kick out of the surprise at my presence. In the physical world, I am hard to hide. In the social one, I can disappear and re-appear without even being detected. I suppose it is good that I at least have fun at the phenomenon.