I am hardly equitable in my charity or kindness, nor is my affection always unconditional. But for my many faults -- I was once called a "wannabe robocop hard-ass" by a junior camp counselor years ago -- I like to think I am on the balance a good person. I do earn much of the derision tossed my way, sometimes reveling in just how much I got under their skin.

Case in point: politics.

My desire to ridicule a handful of folks for supporting also-rans or counterintuitive issue positions is rather strong. Likewise, those backing some of the frontrunners are prime targets to be mocked for enthusiastically endorsing someone without having the first clue where they stand on issues that a smarter person would research more carefully. This cycle will find Team Apathy and Team My Candidate Can't Win with rather full rosters by the time it is all over and reality sets in.

I was publicly chided a year or so ago for "being political" only to see the supposed virtues of their candidate now being trumpeted for a misguided world to hear. Ignoring the hypocrisy is easier than tuning out the idiocy. I am not the one in need of a muzzle it seems.

I say all of this to share that what I'll often repeat in private will rarely make it into the public forum. Silence on an issue does not mean that one lacks an opinion, only that he or she does not want to expend the time and energy explaining it in an exercise of wasted breath.

I want to be a better person. But I'll be damned if the good Lord keeps putting these witless wonders within easy striking distance.