Hello, Old Friend

It was a long, tough summer for me as a hockey fan. So I was understandably elated to get to go to the pre-season game last night. I am still not a season ticket holder for budgetary reasons, but I'm hoping to go to more games this year than last. This is made quite a bit easier now that the arena is on my way home from the office, and on most nights (when they are not on the road) I can go along with my hockey buddies / co-workers.

My social calendar, thanks in part to hockey and football, is always so much busier in the fall. It is a lot like the start of a new school year -- I see people I have not hung out with in months and provides great opportunities to meet new folks. That has been a theme as of late with starting a new job with a growing company. It is the kind of train ride you just do not want to get off. I am really excited about some upcoming travel for work, an unexpected perk for a guy who has begrudgingly stayed mostly in Middle Tennessee in 2011. Neither time is to Salt Lake City, an added bonus.

I have also had the pleasure of working on several freelance web projects with my wife in the last few months. Two brand new sites, one redesign and a handful of maintenance/special projects kept us busy this summer. It is a great opportunity for her to keep the portfolio fresh, and for me to remind myself why I should stick to working for other people. (Editor's Note: I'm kidding.)

Good times.