Greenway Bridge

Snow has covered the ground for a good part of the last week. The overnight snowfall last Monday surprised most folks and closed Nashville schools all five days. This isn't the first multi-day closure that a cartoon penguin has announced for the youngsters, which is what makes it a bit surprising. We already had one dose of ice and snow in December. There are always a few snow days in January and February, but it seems like Old Man Winter got a head start this year.

The year has started fairly well, filled with friends, small victories, and a lot of promise for the months ahead. Football season has ended for colleges and the professionals will be done in two more weekends worth of games. Hockey hit the halfway point for the season, and I've had the pleasure of seeing the majority of the home games in person this year. This is one the reasons why I prefer winter -- there is always something worthwhile to watch in the sporting world.

I took a walk early Saturday morning out at Shelby Bottoms before going to a college and a professional hockey game. I might have done more than walk, but there was still tons of ice on the course. I am participating in the Zoo Run (Run) next weekend, and while I have not had a decent jog since early last month, I tried to make up for it with a six mile stroll round-trip from the trail-head to the pedestrian bridge. There still is not quite enough daylight by the time I wrap up my workday to fit in a run, and illness has taken its toll on my wife and I. My fitness goals are being sorely neglected, but perhaps milder temperatures and more daylight will help that along.