I have a small confession: I don't take care of my teeth nearly as well as I should. In the rush to get out the door in the morning, I'm more likely to swill around some mouthwash than grab the toothbrush, and flossing typically happens when I finally can no longer pinpoint the last time I flossed. Still, dentist visits usually go well, remarking that I have healthy teeth.

Things change a bit when you get older.

I also have all of my wisdom teeth, an anomaly among most of my friends. They have been a source of mild discomfort and are nearly impossible to clean, but my wisdom teeth and I have gotten along just fine. Until earlier this month. All four of them have cavities, and one of them is pretty severe. Today's visit to do fillings ended up being a consultation about getting rid of them and squaring away any other minor periodontic issues. Fun.

It is funny how the human brain works when it comes to attention. When you are unaware of something, your senses can still detect it but your mind dismisses it as unimportant at that point in time. When you are made aware, a psychosomatic reaction occurs that heightens things like pain and discomfort. Realizing that I have to lose these four teeth means that I walk around thinking about them, and cautiously eating/drinking so as not to upset them. I have a consultation set for Monday afternoon, and hopefully we can get them out sometime early in the new year.