Labor Day Weekend

I am registered for my sixth 5K of 2010 this weekend. It was a spur of the moment decision, knowing little about it other than it is sponsored by the YMCA and it is being held somewhere in Green Hills. It is probably one of the most spontaneous things I have done lately, given our methodical pace over the summer. June, July and August seemed to drag on forever with the heat, humidity, and no time taken off from work. Given our household's recent freelance projects, I doubt it would have been much of a vacation anyway.

Summer has not been all that boring. We are pretty excited to have new furniture for the living room, a goal that has been on the list for a number of years. The existing furniture was leftover from our college years, and a few things we had picked up from Target at one point or another. I suppose it is a sign of getting older when I somehow find a small bit of joy in cloth laid over stuffing and stapled to a wooden frame. All the same, a couch, a chair, ottoman and carpet are a lot more inviting than the futon had been. We actually have enough seating to entertain guests without enlisting the patio furniture.

Speaking of outdoors, I really should mark on my calendar when my seasonal allergies flare up each year. Perhaps then I could actually track down what it is that sets them off so bad. We bought tickets to the UT Martin vs. Tennessee game last weekend in Knoxville -- a chance to meet up with college friends, watch football, and enjoy the spectacle that is "Football Time in Tennessee". We made it through the outrageous parking prices and alumni picnic, but that was about all I could take. After going back to the food line for tissue for the fifth time, I decided that the game wasn't worth being miserable crowded in with 99,000 people. This coming from a ardent sports fan who often risks life and limb (mainly the wrath of his wife) to go to games. I sold our tickets to a scalper for the price of parking, and drove back to Nashville right before kickoff. We did not miss much -- Tennessee toyed around with the Skyhawks for the first 25 minutes, and then racked up 50 points while holding UT Martin to a nil. I spent the next few days dosed up with antihistamines and nose spray, a routine that I will likely have to keep up until the first freeze.

The long Labor Day weekend sneaked up on me a bit. I suppose that is just a byproduct of falling early in September -- August has the distinction of being one of the few months without a major holiday, so it is a welcome surprise with the turn of the calendar. Our household has a general rule about the holiday not to reward the businesses making their employees come in for a day typically used to celebrate worker's rights. Given all of the economic data that fills the airwaves each night, I am sure most are relieved to simply have a holiday they have to work through. I had contemplated a long-form essay on the subject, but could get it to coalesce into a relevant point before the weekend was over.

Ticketmaster sent out the announcement for September hockey games today. It was easily the most welcome e-mail to arrive in my inbox all week.