My head hurts from as much eye-rolling as I have done in the last few days, thanks in large part to the media circus around our gubernatorial race. One gentleman with three teeth from Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee is enjoying his stint with fame thanks in part to a segment aired on local television. He had a debate tonight in Nashville against two other representatives of the "Also Ran" club, a group that will gain two more members Thursday night. My prediction settles down about where most of the pundits expect it -- Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam will win his party's nomination (perhaps with only 40-45 percent of the vote) and move on to the November ballot against Jackson, Tennessee businessman Mike McWherter. Where things shake out from there is anybody's guess.

The heat index has soared into the triple digits this week. It reminded me that I called our 90-degree days in mid-June "oppressively hot" when I should have known better. After reading the reports that high school football players were forbidden from practicing outdoors while there are heat advisories, I realized that my aspirations of going for a run after work would be ill-advised. Those guys are healthier than I ever was or likely ever will be, so there is no sense in me tempting fate.

Today my co-workers and I had lunch at the Nashville Farmer's Market to celebrate their partial reopening. The dining selection was scarce (a pick between Indian and barbecue), but I had really missed the large dining area and close proximity. A reporter from WKRN was walking around with a camera, so I was certain we were about to be featured in B-Roll footage for a story. After sitting down, he came up and introduced himself and asked if he could talk to us about the market reopening. I could never be rude to a reporter just trying to do his job, so I obliged for an interview. You can read the other quotes from the story on their site.

I managed to plug both the name of my employer and my favorite burrito stand. I think I can call that a fairly productive day.