It is tough to believe that we are two thirds of the way through 2010, but here it is -- August. It is not the coming school year that I am most anticipating (not quite at a spot where I can start looking into graduate-level work), but rather the re-opening of a food court near work. Seems like a lame milepost in the year on the surface, but not for me.

The Nashville Farmer's Market "Market House" food court was wiped out by by the May floods. This week (if the inspections go well), it will re-open with most of merchants returning. I probably ate there once or twice each week September through April, as it is a leisurely walk from the office. The prices are relatively inexpensive, and its close proximity meant that we could save on gas and still get a breather from the hectic days. One particular vendor, "El Burrito Mexicano" (quite possibly the most generic name for a restaurant I have ever heard) has a special place in the hearts of my coworkers and I. Specifically, that place in our heart is the coronary artery where the cholesterol from their "big as your head burritos" is building up. But they are so delicious.

I have not had more fun in a career than I am having at work right now, but it is also simultaneously the most stress and pressure that I have ever experienced. The fact that a burrito stand in a building decimated by near-biblical flood waters could perhaps re-open this week means more to me than I expect anyone to understand.