Nashville Symfony at East Park

Today marks the first day of summer, although the weather we have been having for the last month would beg to differ. If the official start of seasons were determined by average temperatures rather than dates on a calendar, we have been in "summer" for quite some time. Sunday we were out in the heat for a project coordinated through Hands on Nashville to help a woman move furniture around her once flood damaged home. It was yet another interesting experience in volunteer work, but I am still satisfied with how I spent the afternoon.

The photo is from a recent performance in East Park by the Nashville Symphony as part of their Community Concert series. It was a great way to unwind after work, even if the whole "unwinding" thing is often a challenge as busy as things are at the office. Even on weekends, it takes a concentrated effort to stop checking e-mail on my phone. Maybe a CD of classical music in the afternoons would do the trick.

Speaking of after-hours things to do, we are planning to check out the "Way Late Play Date" this Thursday at the Adventure Science Center. It is happening right after the bi-monthly mixer at work, so we'll knock out our work week socializing in one fell swoop. Tickets are $15, or $25 for two. I wonder if they came up with the idea after realizing all of the corporate/civic groups that used their meeting space really just wanted to play around in the museum.

I know I do.