A week or two ago, I was asked to do a quick blog post on my thoughts from participating in last year's Ellie's Run for Africa. I was happy to do it, and had already planned to run in this year's event. Because I work for one of the sponsors now, several of my co-workers were either running in or volunteering for the race.

I had already lowered my expectations for how I would perform in this morning's event. Last year, I had managed to get in semi-weekly (or at least weekly) training runs in for the month prior to the event. This year, the only training I had managed were two other 5K races earlier in the year. I believe my official time was somewhere between 44 and 47 minutes (the race website is not updated yet, and my phone app crashed halfway through), several minutes longer than in 2009. Aside from not training, the rain that had fallen overnight had made some parts of the course a muddy mess -- not the easiest way to go about setting a land speed record.

I think the next 5K I will aim for this year will be the Music Fest Road Race on June 12. Hopefully, I will be able to sneak in a few hours of jogging before then.