As of today, I will starting writing "website" instead of "Web site." I am not exactly thrilled about it -- the justification for considering "Web" a proper noun was solidly based in it being shorthand for "World Wide Web." My argument for leaving it as-is rests on the notion that the Associated Press Stylebook editors are merely placating an increasingly lazy society that would rather run words together and invent new words for the lexicon -- "google" as a verb, "tweeting" is now something that is not left solely to the domain of birds. Fine, website. You won.

That ends my rant. Aside from the finer points of AP style, the transition represents an acknowledgment that the technology we use often races ahead of the words we use to describe it. For example, Wired magazine made the switch from "Internet" to "internet" in 2004. While I have not seen the 2010 edition yet, "Internet" is likely still listed as a proper noun. Their reasoning:

[...] But in the case of internet, web and net, a change in our house style was necessary to put into perspective what the internet is: another medium for delivering and receiving information. That it transformed human communication is beyond dispute. But no more so than moveable type did in its day. Or the radio. Or television.

It will take quite a while for me to break the habit, and given that I am no longer afforded the luxury of an on-staff copy editor (you can read this site for evidence of that), it will keep being goofed up from time to time. I will try my best to go find something else to complain about.