My desk at home sites in a recessed area, created by the closet only covering two thirds of a wall in our bedroom. My chair has its back to my side of the bed, in a space just wide enough for it. It is not quite made for lounging, with no room to roll back. I have not quite figured out how to make this any more comfortable, so I suppose I will count this as a trade off for the simplicity of living in a single-bedroom apartment.

Samantha has been out of town the past two weekends to work on a side project with friends, so I have been trying to give myself a re-education in self sufficiency. While I am proud to report that I neither starved nor burned down the apartment, I still left much to be desired on other fronts. Take for example my social calendar. Last weekend I screwed up and forgot what time the hockey game was on, almost ending up missing out on a viewing party that I was set to attend. On Easter Sunday, I slept right through the alarms and missed church services. This weekend, I managed to make it out to a happy hour meet-up and the Saturday hockey game, but again was not up and about in time for church Sunday morning. It would not be nearly so bad if I did not live within walking distance.

Aside from my truancy from Sunday services, I am also a bit disappointed that my natural response to tons of free time on an absolutely gorgeous weekend was to alternate between video games and browsing the same five Web sites over and over again. I have a YMCA membership that I am yet to use, a half dozen parks within a short distance and a mostly full tank of gas in my car. For as much as I gripe about not getting out and doing things, I sure did not have much of the impetus to do it.

With a quarter of 2010 down, it is probably time to start taking a serious look at those fitness goals again. As the weather starts to warm up (we are already creeping into the 80s), I need to find a decent hobby. Golf is a prime candidate, given that I can get away with buying just three clubs and a sleeve of golf balls -- scratch that, several sleeves -- without spending a ton of money on a full set of clubs. I could actually try training for some of these 5K races that we sign up for rather than hoping for the best that morning. Samantha has put bicycles at the top of our shopping list, provided we can find a pair that do not add up to the cost of a car payment.

This all sounds familiar as I write it, and for good reason. My hobby is starting to become the act of never settling on an actual hobby. Also known as "whining."