I personally am not all that big on practical jokes, although it is amusing to watch various examples of geek humor show up all over the Internet. The slapstick humor just does not appeal to me, which I guess is one of the reasons that I could not sit through 90 minutes of "Jackass: The Movie" if you paid me.

March was a chaotic month on many fronts. It is the last month that we had to effectively pay for two apartments (the lease was not quite finished on the old one) and it marked the return of cable television to our lives. No, I am not all that happy about that, but the faster Internet speeds ended up being a necessity given our employers' "remote workplace" needs. It also means I get to watch hockey again, so you will not hear much complaining from me.

Speaking of hockey, the Nashville Predators pulled within a single point of clinching a playoff berth with three games remaining after a 3-2 win over St. Louis. They travel to Detroit this Saturday and to Phoenix next Wednesday to grab an advantageous spot in the standings. Analysts say we would prefer to get Phoenix or Chicago for the first round while avoiding San Jose and Vancouver. I am not nearly as concerned with the first round opponent as I want the outcome to mean advancing to Round 2 -- something that has not yet happened in franchise history.

Completely unrelated: Anyone know where I can get a decent haircut on the east side? I do not intend to grow a Playoff Beard Mop.