I'll Just Take One of Each

Metro Nashville schools were out this week on spring break, meaning that my already short commute whizzed by that much faster. I have finally hit a point where I can make the trip between our apartment and work without a whole lot of thought, muscle memory taking over and driving me to and from the office.

Today's lunch was a trip to a taco truck -- Mas Tacos Por Favor, to be specific. You cannot quite feel more urban than when you're ordering a taco from a brightly painted Winnebago. Over lunch, we debated the finer points of being a "hippie" versus a "hipster," and where you would find the highest concentration of each. I have also decided that anything with quinoa is not going to make it into my regular meal rotation. The chicken and fried avocado, on the other hand, were very good.

I sat down tonight to start sketching a new layout for this site, but have grown a bit fond of the overall look and feel. What I might do instead of a full redesign is clean up some of the finer points of the formatting. I have started with some of the headline typography and changing the behavior on the portfolio link (it now loads right over top of the page).

The rain is supposed to roll in Sunday, so I hope we get to enjoy a beautiful Saturday outside tomorrow. I might see if we can go for a run around the park.