I'm writing this on my phone. Not because I particularly enjoy the idea of pecking away on a mblile device, rather I am fairly sure my Mac mini may have burned through its second harddrive in as many years. Oddly, I am not too concerned. I had just pulled my Home folder to the spare drive when it died trying to backup my testing server environment. Either way, it will probably be a day or two before I unpack it.

The itenerary for our move has shifted around quite a bit. Our plan had been to pack and ship off stuff to Goodwill on Saturday, move furniture Sunday and wrap up on Monday. Not in the plans were the more than 4" of snow and ice that blanketed the roads Friday night. We still managed to wrap up the majority of the packing, but the earliest we can get a truck is Monday. I am betting this place will not be fully empty for another week or two.

We will be picking up the keys today after church (presuming we make it on time) and from there we start the first of many, many trips back and forth from Goodlettsville to the east side. Send snow-skis.