I probably need to pack. At least, I need to keep packing. It is not like I need much of a reminder -- our apartment is covered in bins, boxes and bags. Everywhere I turn there is something that I could trip over, or eye wearily knowing there are three floors below us before that item will make its way into a car or truck. My brain starts looking at everyday items as a weight and how difficult it is to carry. The only thing keeping me upbeat is knowing that the move should be over soon after it starts.

The replacement appliances are on order to be delivered next Monday. Paying for a washer and dryer two years after buying the last set stings, but there is little that can be done after the architect decided that only stackable units should fit. Also on the agenda are a computer desk (a maybe) and a counter-top microwave (a must). Replacement shower curtains, mini-blinds, trash cans, etc. are also on the shopping list.

The good news, as I have said before, is that we are selling or donating many things that will not need to be replaced. We offloaded four bags and two plastic bins full of an assortment of items at the local Goodwill today. Most of it was old coats and household decorations that never quite fit the decor here and simply would not fit at all at the new place. As much stuff as it was, it does not seem to have made much of a dent in what we wanted to be rid of. Our associate pastor and his roommate came and got our washer and dryer today while a friend from college picked up the bar stools.

Fewer daylight hours, busy times at work and the whole process of moving has sapped just about all of the creativity out of me. If I can get one or two of those things in better shape, I think I will be a bit more upbeat about 2010. In the meantime, I am going to go explore the joy of figuring out our tax return.