Against my typically better judgement, I have upgraded to WordPress 2.5 before the first point-release comes out. I did so because there is no way to flag it to "skip this upgrade" in the Dashboard, and as it comes chock-full of new features, I might as well get accustomed to them now rather than later.

I have this and a few other Web sites set up so that updating the WordPress code-base is as easy as typing svn switch [url] into an open shell window. The more I use Subversion for Web applications, the less fond memories I have of the "delete everything but your configuration file and uploads then re-upload the new version" method. It has also made me a bit of a whiner when it comes to working on a server that does not have command line access.

I do a similar setup on my local development machine, which is another reason I went ahead with the upgrade. I have been kicking the proverbial tires on this release for a while, mostly out of idle curiosity and to watch it go from a long list of To-Dos to what we see today. I have it set to get the bleeding edge version, while I set production sites to use the tagged versions.

As there is an already growing list of items that the developers are going to have to revisit in the coming weeks, it will also make the obligatory re-upgrade that much easier.