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I stumbled out of bed in a mad rush this morning (ok, so it was afternoon) because my parents were in a hurry to get us all out of the house. Apparently, through one of their bartering deals, Consumer Tractor‘s computer crisis became their own. We got to Franklin; they unloaded a laptop, tablet PC and a training manual for Microsoft’s latest overpriced server platform. The problem took about an hour to resolve, and was linked to a myriad of possible causes. I don’t have the energy to get into them, but it’s fixed.

Our next stop was to the Franklin Target (for the love of God, it’s not “tar-ZHAY”) for a two hour romp. I never have figured out how it is that people can spend so long in a department store. Sure, there’s a lot of surface area to cover, but unless you’re lost, it should be a fairly direct proposition to go in, get what you need, pay and leave. They left with quite a bit of stuff, so I have a feeling that payday must have been fairly recent. Among the stuff was a jumbo tent for a looming family vacation. I’ve already said I was not going.

The shopping spree would continue on to the recently-completed Wal-Mart Super Center, a building that appeared in my eyes to be a bit bigger than your typical Super Center. I spent most of my time looking around the electronics department, and deciding that the 256 MB USB flash drive just had to be mine. I conned my parents into paying for it by “collecting” on all the recent times I was told they would pay for something, but I took care of it because a) they didn’t give me enough cash to cover it or b) I just paid to speed along the process. There’s nothing spectacular about it really, but it beats the hell out of other 16 MB model that I recovered from the newspaper office at the beginning of the year. My dad did research on the XM Radio, and verbally stated that it was what he wanted for Father’s Day (June 19).

He now has an XM Radio.

To make sure that the Walton family did indeed get all of our money, we headed on to Sam’s Club. Again, I went straight for the electronics department, watching the documentary about the Star Wars saga on an ultra-portable projector. Again, my family managed to fill up a buggy full of stuff. I got a polo shirt, without really asking or implying that i needed one. I was already weary, and had IM’ed Samantha four or five times to convey this truth. I had done enough shopping for one day, and I wasn’t even the one paying for any of it.

Miranda, Heather and mom went into two other stores before we went home, but my dad and I sat out in the car playing with the stereo. He managed to have a friend of his activate it for him on his account, so I guess we’ll be making regular $20 payments every three months rather than the $12 monthly payments to XM. If it works, it works. After we got back on the road, we found the Bonnaroo station. I’d forgotten all about it being broadcast on XM, but it was an added bonus. We listened to a live set by Govt Mule, and a couple of commentaries by the “Roo Crew” that, as my sister put it, were “dirty, high as kite, wet, and loving every minute of it.” This reminds me, I need to make plans to see at least one or two of the Dancin’ in the District show dates, hopefully on a couple of days that Samantha has off.

That’s about it. It’s been a long day, and I’m wet and cold. At least I’m not in a tent.

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